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Dr. Carlos Spaht’s passion for STEM education creates a lasting legacy at LSU Shreveport

Dr. Carlos Spaht’s mission to open doors for minority and female students through the LaPREP program has changed the course of countless lives.

“I was mesmerized by the experience,” recalls Rolanda Reliford Clark, who attended LaPREP in the mid-1990s. “The first year, you’re just like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m on a college campus.’ My first year, I really had to buckle down and study. It really pushed me and helped me be an out of the box thinker.”

Dr. Spaht retires this summer after a 50-year career at LSU Shreveport. He founded LaPREP in 1992 to encourage minority and female middle school students to stay in school and pursue careers in math and science.

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Retired principal champions education for all

Dr. Sandra McCalla is unstoppable in her quest to make a college education accessible to everyone.

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LSUS Chancellor Larry Clark to retire in 2023

The LSUS Foundation is grateful for the leadership of LSUS Chancellor Larry Clark since 2014 and we continue to support him as he plans for a leadership transition.

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