LSU Shreveport professors are conducting groundbreaking research to solve real-world problems. Click the “Learn More” links to read about the legacies that support research and teaching.

Samuel and Mary Abramson Endowed Professorship in the College of Arts and Sciences in Support of the Samuel and Mary Abramson Distinguished Lecture Series at LSUS – Dr. Tibor Szarvas

AEP Swepco LaPREP Super Professorship – Dr. Irina Ilioaea

Alta and John Franks MBA Professorship

American Studies Endowed Chair – Dr. William Pederson

Joe and Abby Averett Endowed Professorship in Business – Dr. Karen James

Pete and Linda Ballard Professorship in Accounting – Dr. Syed K. Zaidi

Bank One Jerry D. Boughton Endowed Professorship in Business – Dr. Chengho Hsieh

BellSouth Corporation Endowed Professorship in Business Administration – Dr. Binshan Lin

BlueCross BlueShield of Louisiana Endowed Professorship in Business – Dr. Timothy Shaughnessy

Lisa Burke Bioinformatics Professorship – Dr. Urska Cvek

Riemer and Marcia Calhoun Endowed Professorship in Education – Dr. Melissa Hawthorne

Joe B. Callaway, Jr. Endowed Professorship in Business – Dr. Justin Lord

Capital One Endowed Professorship in Education – Melissa Hawthorne

Harman and Renae Chandler Professorship for Masters of Biological Sciences Program – Dr. Amy Erickson

Dr. Dalton and Peggy Cloud Endowed Professorship in Communications – Dr. Grace M. Hildenbrand

Oscar Cloyd Real Estate Super Professorship – Dr. Doug Bible

Don and Earlene Coleman Red River Watershed Management Institute Professorship – Dr. Michael Maguigan

Dr. Norman A. Dolch Super Professorship in Nonprofit Administration – Dr. Helen Wise

James K. Elrod Super Professorship in Health Administration – Dr. John Fortenberry

Alta and John Franks Foundation Professorship for Master of Business Administration Program – Dr. Tami Knotts

James C. and Ann W. Gardner Professorship in Civic Engagement and Leadership – Dr. Felice Williams

Kelly Kemp Graves Professorship in Early Childhood Education – Dr. Linda Zhang

O. Delton Harrison, Jr. Professorship for Master of Liberal Arts Program – Dr. Elisabeth Liebert

Hubert and Pat Hervey Professorship for the Museum of Life Sciences in the College of Sciences – Dr. Stuart V. Nielsen

Bobbie Hicks Super Professorship for the Pioneer Heritage Center Authors in April Program – Marty Young

Hubert Humphreys Endowed Professorship of History – Dr. Cheryl White

India Studies Super Professorship – Dr. Sanjay Menson

Bradley S. Kemp Endowed Professorship to Support the LSUS Debate Team – Arthur “A.J.” Edwards

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LEARN MORE: George A. Khoury, Jr. Endowed Super Professorship in Space Science – Dr. Jack Hess Baricuatro

George A. Khoury, Jr. Endowed Professorship in Kinesiology – Kyle Pierce

George and Regina Khoury Super Professorship in Sciences – Dr. Stephen Banks

Kilpatrick Life Insurance Endowed Chair of Insurance and Financial Services – Dr. Harvey Rubin

LSUS Alumni Association Vincent J. Marsala Professorship in Teaching Excellence – Dr. Vonny Salim

LSU Shreveport Museum of Life Sciences Endowed Curatorship – Stuart Nielsen

Max M. and Jasmine Morelock Endowed Professorship in Chemistry in the College of Arts and Sciences – Dr. Elizabeth Zippi

LEARN MORE: Ruth H. Noel Endowed Chair for the Curatorship of the James Smith Noel Collection – Dr. Alexander Mikaberidze

Sybil T. and Frederick Patten Professorship for Excellence in Teaching in Liberal Arts – Dr. Chris Hale

Armand and Lynn Roos Professorship in Business and Health Administration – Dr. Mary Lois White

Abe Sadoff Endowed Chair in Bioinformatics – Dr. Marjan Trutschl

Mary Anne and Leonard Selber Endowed Professorship in Liberal Arts – Dr. Gary Joiner

Bruce and Steve Simon Endowed Professorship in Language and Literature – Dr. Kayla Shearer

LEARN More: Elmer N. and Barbara Simon Endowed Professorship for Excellence in Teaching – Michael Meeks

Miriam M. Sklar Professorship in Theoretical Math and Physics – Dr. Zsolt Lengvarszky

Dr. Richard K. Speairs Endowed Professorship in Field Biology – Dr. Beverly Burden

Ventie B. Stewart, Jr. Endowed Professorship in the College of Education and Human Development for Student Teachers – Lisa Cooper

Goodloe Stuck Endowed Professorship for the Department of Psychology – Dr. Yong Dai

Wesson-Bridger Endowed Professorship in Teacher Education – Dr. Joyce Farrow

LEARN MORE: Wheless, Meadows and Sarter Endowed Rising Star in Computer Science Professorship – Qingsong Zhao

William B. Wiener, Jr. Endowed Professorship of Archives and History Preservation in the Noel Library – Dr. Laura McLemore

Dalton J. Woods Family Endowed Professorship in Education – Dr. Cassandra H. “Cassie” Williams

William C. Woolf Endowed Rising Star Professorship in Business – Dr. Minsun Kim

Yancey Strain Endowed Professorship for the Curatorship of the Spring Street Museum – Dr. Cheryl White